Version 0.7.5 released!

This version is a general update that aims to make the game more playable in many aspects, in the back end with performance improvements and bug fixes, and in the front end with plenty of quality-of-life improvements.

New features:
  • Stealth mode for battleships can be activated, disabling your radar, but hiding you from enemies' radar
  • There are now glitches on the screens when the ship is damaged
  • There is now static on the screens when the ship is in a cloud
  • Missiles now heat-seek
  • Short range view has been zoomed out significantly
  • New cloud map
  • Center wheel has been moved to 'C'
  • Down arrow now lowers speed
  • Timer for hunt mission has been changed to 4 minutes
  • Ships on the same team are now placed together
  • Missiles no longer have name tags in the short range view
  • Clouds now obscure ships inside them
Bug fixes:
  • Important sound effects no longer overlap each other
  • Players no longer start in the path of asteroids
  • Drop-downs in multiplayer host menu no longer become blank after an academy mission
  • Old games properly remove themselves now
  • Ship names are now defaulted to what the player had last game
  • Typo has been removed from shootout mission briefing
  • Typo has been removed from engineer certification mission
  • You can no longer see other ships' waypoints
  • Fullscreen is no longer offered to players using the fullscreen app
  • Fullscreen is no longer offered to players using iOS
  • Destroyed missiles and bullets no longer count as destroyed drones
  • Scrolling has been removed from the iOS version
  • Players no longer overwrite each other's changes in the lobby
  • Joining a running game no longer crashes the game