Version 0.7.3 released!

This version has some pretty major changes and additions, so much so that we were debating calling it version 0.8. That will probably be the next update, however.

New features:
  • Keyboard controls for the fighter
    • Left and right arrows steer the ship
    • Up arrow toggles fusion drive
    • Down arrow centers the wheel
    • Shift and ctrl cycle through the different views
    • W, S, A, and D allow you to move around the ship in the ship view
    • Q and E let you cycle through radar contacts in the radar view
    • Z, X, C, and space toggle the gun
  • Skidding
  • Added an 'About' link at the bottom of the start page that links to a page with credits, a quick blurb about the game, and links to the blog, Twitter, and the Discord server
  • Fighters are now tinted the color of their team
  • Friendly fighters are now displayed as an arrow of their team's color on the radar
  • Hunt mission now has a timer
  • Shootout mission now has a timer
  • The number of beacons in the race mission now increases based on number of ships
  • Your in-game settings are remembered
Bug fixes:
  • Changing your name after creating a game no longer stops you from launching the game
  • Players can no longer launch a game just because they have the right name
  • Ships explosions are now large