Version released!

This version is a hotfix to a problem introduced in yesterday's release. Version 0.7.2 broke the game for users utilizing a VPN or ad blocker. Those users were unable to start missions until we got this fix out. For the past 24 hours, the only way to play the game was to disable the VPN/ad blocker while on the site, or to whitelist it in the ad blocker's settings.

Don't worry, we will never run ads on Flythru.Space.
At its core, the game is designed to be a seamless experience for all users, so that it can be picked up and played on a whim, particularly with friends, and ads would simply ruin that experience.

Why did this happen?
In version 0.7.2, we introduced an easier way of finding the game you wanted to join. To do this, we had to find the user's IP address. VPNs and some ad blockers didn't want to give out this information, and so the game became unplayable. We never encountered this problem on our testing platform, and so didn't discover it until it had been pushed live.

We do not collect information, IP address or otherwise
We will never collect or store your information. The one thing we do use, the user's IP address, isn't stored outside your session. We do not share or sell any of your information, and we never will.

What does this mean for VPNs and ad blockers in the future?
Since we cannot do anything about the fact that some users (whether intentionally or accidentally) will not give out their IP address, we have decided that those users will be assigned a random number as a pseudo-IP. The only impact this has is that you will not see games on your network highlighted with a little house icon, the rest of the game will behave as intended. We respect your privacy and right to remain anonymous.

Bug fixes:
  • Users utilizing a VPN or ad blocker can now play missions again