Version 0.7.2 released!

This version brings a bunch of improvements to existing things. The big focus was a complete rework of the Fighter Certification Academy mission, and some major tweaks to the Target Practice mission. These are the first changes in a push to make the game more engaging and entertaining.

New features:
  • The current version is now displayed at the bottom of the menu
  • Added the 'Top of the Class' achievement for destroying all 10 drones in Fighter Certification
  • Fighter Certification has been reworked to be more fun and interesting
    • Your objective is to destroy 10 stationary drones
    • You have 4 minutes
    • You get a letter grade depending on how many you destroy
    • There is far less tutorial text
  • Target Practice has been tuned
    • You have 3 minutes
    • Drone spread is slightly lower
    • 5 drones are now created per player (plus 1 if there are an even number of players)
  • 'Join' and 'Host' tabs have been replaced by a single 'Multiplayer' tab
  • Games in the game list are now sorted from newest to oldest
  • Games hosted on your network are given a house icon and moved to the top of the game list
  • Academy missions now have 'Retry Mission' and 'Go Multiplayer' buttons in the endgame dialogue
  • 'Close' button for Academy missions in the endgame dialogue has been changed to 'Back to Academy'
  • Stationary drones and beacons now show up as expanding circles on the radar view
Bug fixes:
  • Singleplayer missions (including Academy missions) no longer appear in the game list
  • Completed missions no longer appear in the game list
  • The endgame dialogue no longer closes when you click outside of it
  • Crew training has been removed from fighters-only mode
  • No missions appear under 1 player competitive mode anymore