The road to version 0.8

After the release of version 0.7.3, we took a step back. Since we're going to be demoing the game at an event in about a month, we need to get the game to a point we feel comfortable showing off.

That is going to take a whole lot of work. As the game currently exists on the production environment, battleships and battleship missions have been abandoned for a long time. In order for battleships to be relevant again, they need to be better than fighters, and just as easy. Right now, they're far more difficult and objectively worse in almost every way.

I don't feel like spending all night writing this post, so just know that we are working on a lot of things, including the battleship, old (possibly broken) missions, general polish, and better optimization.

Version 0.8 is going to be great, and should be the most playable, impressive, fun, and interesting version yet.