New radar and window view changes!

Well, it seems that I missed 2 days. Sorry about that.

Along with the slip'n'slide piloting, we are working on generally making the radar and window view better.

The radar works fine for Fighter Certification and generally all single-ship missions, but as soon as there are multiple ships, you'll notice that friendlies look exactly the same as enemies. Everyone and everything (except beacons and stationary drones) is a red blurry dot on the radar. That could be quite frustrating, not knowing if that radar contact is a friendly ship, an asteroid, or an enemy ship.

So we changed it up in a few ways:
  • All unknown contacts are now green
  • All friendly ships are always shown as arrows of their team color (blue or red)
  • Contacts within the range of the window view are revealed
    • Asteroids as grey dots
    • Enemy ships become arrows of their team color (blue or red)
    • Enemy drones as green arrows/dots (depending on if they're moving)
    • Enemy stationary drones as green dots
And we also added a team-colored tint to ships in the window view, so you can more easily tell friend from foe in a dogfight.

Beyond this, I am pushing for this to be the update that adds keyboard controls. Whether it does end up being that update, we'll see.