What's in line for version 0.7.2, 0.8, and beyond?

After the release of the large update that was version 0.7, there is a whole new set of issues that we want to address.

The first of these issues is the fact that it is so difficult for us to get feedback on new changes we are making. Before something is pushed to the live version of the game, we can only test it on one device. What we are planning to do about this is to create a testing realm that we can send directly to trusted testers and easily get their thoughts on the changes. This will make the rollout of new features and other gameplay changes much quicker.

Version 0.7.2
Speaking of changes, the fighter training mission has been entirely revamped internally, and is just awaiting tuning of parameters based on feedback before pushed to live as version 0.7.2!

So, for changes we have planned for the future, we have a whole host of things.
  • Performance fixes that should make the experience smoother on older devices
  • An 'About' page that has links to this blog, a Discord server, social media pages, and credits (and legal shmuck)
  • Guided transition from training missions into multiplayer missions
  • Dynamic in-game music
  • Audio cue for high gun heat
  • Power-up and power-down sounds for systems
  • Arrow key steering
  • Ship collisions
  • Mines
  • Spectator view
  • Post-mission retry button
  • Back-end changes that will eventually allow us to have a dedicated server instead of operating peer-to-peer
  • A way to customize mission parameters and ship configurations beyond what is currently available
  • Singleplayer and multiplayer campaigns
  • And many, many more things, including fixing over 50 bugs
What's next?
Implementing all these things will take months (and some, like the server and campaigns, may not be done for years) and we are doing our best to prioritize them so that the user experience is as good as possible. Which of these things are we going to work on next? We aren't sure yet. Version 0.7.3 or 0.8 will probably end up being a quality-of-life update, with a massive amount of small additions and tweaks that will make the gameplay experience smoother and less rough around the edges. New features will come, in time.