Version 0.7.2 so far

We've been spending time thinking about what the next thing we should do is, and we think we have it.

So as I said in yesterday's blog post, we are working on a completely new system to test stuff, and that is now done! Expect new patches far more often from now on.

Also in yesterday's post was mention of a ground-up remake of the Fighter Certification mission in the Academy. It is in a good place right now, and we are letting trusted testers play it and we're collecting data to possibly make tweaks to the parameters of the mission.

Today we spent a good, long while talking about a menu change that will greatly ease the experience for new players, and make navigation take fewer clicks across the board. We haven't begun building yet, but a paper mockup has been agreed upon and I must say that it looks quite a lot better than the current system.

Version 0.7.2 will include the above changes, and a simple version stamp in the bottom right of the menus (mostly for our own sake). It may also include an about page, but that is TBD.