Version released!

This version overhauled the main menu. The page now leads directly to the game, instead of a blog about the development process, which has now been moved here.

The largest change you'll see is the new UI of the start screen. It has been almost entirely redesigned to look more modern and pleasing to the eye. The starting screen is now the 'Academy', a menu that holds all the training missions in one place, and makes it easier than ever to get started.

The menu that shows all the active games is now under the 'Join' tab next to the Academy, and will allow you to join games just as easily as before. Additionally, the game creator has been moved to its own tab under 'Host', where you can customize mission parameters and ship configurations before starting.

New features:
  • Progress UI has 'Academy', 'Join', and 'Host' tabs
  • Guests can now change their user names and signed in users can sign out
  • An image telling the user to go to landscape mode is shown if device is in portrait mode
  • The first page of the website is now the game, not the blog
  • The Progress UI page is now the start page
  • Fighters are named after the player piloting it at the moment
  • Moved achievements from its own page into a tab in the index page
  • The Battleship certification missions are only shown to players who have completed Fighter Certification
  • Completion of Academy missions is now saved on the server and not in the browser
  • Removed 'Achievements' button from end-game dialog
  • Removed locks for locked missions and added stars for unlocked missions instead
Bug fixes:
  • Hitting arrow key during play crashed the game